The new student dedication ceremony took place at Kyiv Theological Seminary on Sunday, October 6, 2019. 
Kyiv Seminary welcomed sixty-two new students from different regions of Ukraine and from abroad. They enrolled in the undergraduate programs at one of the best seminaries in Ukraine to be equipped for ministry. Students, their relatives, and friends of the seminary were in attendance.


The ceremony was opened with a prayer and songs of praise to the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Jerry Benge, professor of the Pastoral Leadership department, gave an inspiring sermon on the influence of the Gospel and our calling to be disciples of Christ who continuously learn to be able to teach others. Following the sermon, the seminary community altogether celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Rector of the Seminary Rev. Ruslan Khmyz addressed the freshman students with words of encouragement and exhortation.


“Learning will transform your view of the world. Many discoveries are awaiting you. You will be surprised, focused and even angry sometimes. You will not be made to follow a pattern of thought, but you will be stretched to think on your own. We strive to teach you working with the text, doing your research, formulating your propositions, discussing, thinking critically, disagreeing and proving your point of view. This place provides you with an opportunity to be engaged in such activities. Learning will transform your heart. God will be working on you. We pray for you to grow in knowing God personally and making Him known to others. Here at KTS, we aim not only at your minds, rather we want to impact your hearts and lives.”

Following Rector’s words, freshman students publicly announced their commitment to dedicate their studies to knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and growing in relationship with Him, to put their knowledge to service for the Church and society. New students joined to the mission of the seminary to study for effective ministry and leading others to grow in Christ the Lord. Prayer of Dedication for new students was led by Rector, teachers and program directors. 

The freshmen received commemorate gifts to remember this special day. The ceremony concluded with an informal fellowship of seminary teachers and students. Such freshman dedication ceremony took place for the first time, and we hope it begins a good tradition in Kyiv Theological Seminary which will be continued in the following years.