Ukraine’s 24 years of political and religious freedom have granted opportunities for the gospel to be shared, and many spiritually hungry have come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Believers need spiritual food, discipleship and teaching. Unfortunately, after 70 years without any formal theological education, the church in Ukraine (as well as the rest of the former Soviet Union) lacks a sufficient number of trained pastors and church leaders.

Kyiv Theological Seminary was founded in 1995 through the direction of the All Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists and the vision of KTS charter president, Anatoly Prokopchuk. . Their goal, along with other key supporters, was to establish an institution that would provide a strong theological education. KTS was started in an old run-down building without doors, windows or heat. But the hand of God was clearly seen through His provision and triple the number of applicants expected. Classes began in February 1996 with a curriculum that was parallel to a Masters of Theology program. n the early 2000s the curriculum was modified to match Western educational standards at a bachelor’s level, with the same dedication to high academic and ministerial standards. In the late 2000’s KTS began adding master’s level programs, also endeavoring to match Western educational standards.

n the 20 years since its founding, KTS has graduated 480 students from its programs. Hundreds of other Christians have also received training at the seminary. KTS graduates are ministering throughout Ukraine and the former Soviet Union as pastors, elders, teachers for the Church, youth ministers, church planters, chaplains, and missionaries.

Because of the academic standards of KTS’s programs, students are able to continue their education at accredited theological institutions in Europe and the U.S. Some graduates have continued in ministry at the seminary as teachers and administrators.

Through studies at KTS, the Lord has called many to the work of church planting. God has used these former students to start more than 120 churches.

The Lord has blessed us with a library of over 30,000 volumes of Christian literature.

The Lord has blessed us with a library of over 30,000 volumes of Christian literature. The library gives teachers and students opportunity to use these vast resources for studying the Scriptures, and developing new ways of ministering in the church and reaching out in the broader culture.

Thus, Kyiv Theological Seminary continues its commitment to providing theologically sound and culturally relevant education.