Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

We want to thank you for your partnership in our ministry, which is focused on preparing believers for effective ministry who are able to lead others in growing relationships with Jesus Christ.

 During the quarantine, the youth leader and his team had the task to rethink their priorities and develop a new mission strategy. We decided to follow the Biblical plan given to us by Jesus, when He spent a lot of time with his disciples for ministry before he went back the to the father.

In the same manner as believers faced the onslaught of disease in earlier centuries, we live in this God-ordained moment with opportunities to display the love of Christ to others

True understanding of God’s work of salvation means that my life, my activity, my existence in the world, has meaning, purpose, and real significance.

Dear friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas! May your hearts be filled with joy, love, peace, hope this time of year and every day of the coming new year!