Kyiv Theological Seminary hold the 17th commencement ceremony on May 19, 2018. The commencement took place in Transfiguration Church, which has been seminary’s friend and partner for many years.

The seminary graduated over 650 students with degrees during its 25 years of educational ministry. These graduates serve in Ukraine and beyond its borders. This year 22 students graduated with undergraduate degrees. 

Commencement speakers were Rector of Kyiv Theological Seminary Ruslan Khmyz, pastor of Transfiguration church Petro Marchenko, head of All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian-Baptists Valery Antonyuk, and also KTS program directors. Students commencement speakers were Bohdan Kulytskyi and Olexander Bordei.

All pastors who attended the ceremony said a prayer of benediction for the graduating class.  Celebration continued with a festive banquet in the main hall of KTS. 

What the graduates are saying. 

Svitlana Kudlai, World Missions major 

“It took four years! ...and the Lord helped us till here (1 Sam. 7:12). I am thankful for these years! These are years of study, support, and friendship! I treasure each one of you. We are one body, one mind, and one heart, the heart of the Father. We go into the unsaved world to reflect the glory of the Father!”



Vitaly Krivosheev, Pastoral Leadership major
“I am thankful to God for this wonderful day. Time of study at KTS was a special time in my life, it was a beginning of life-long journey to new horizons, new goals and achievements.”




Bohdan Kulytskyi, Evangelism and Church Planting major 
“Reflecting on may past I can’t even believe it was I who lived such a lifestyle and what God has done. I was expelled from two secondary schools, I barely made it in a technical school, I was on a verge of being jailed. Many, who knew me, considered me hopeless. Drugs and alcohol ruined my life so drastically that I didn’t believe I could change. However, God made a miracle, he changed my life and today I have received my degree. Who could imagine that! Only God could do such a thing. Praise God!”