It is the purpose of Kyiv Theological Seminary to go beyond mere education defined as knowledge dissemination. The seminary strives to inspire students to implement in their local churches via convenient educational form what they learn in the classroom. Church Ministries Institute, a partnering organization of KTS, provides such educational platform.

When the local church has a Bible school, it is a blessing for church members. Such school meets aspirations of those believers who cannot take a break from their jobs, family or ministry and travel to Kyiv to study at the seminary. 

“I once taught a class in Kyiv Theological Seminary and had the opportunity to get to know my students,”– shares Volodymyr Nikolaev, CMI director. “I learnt that my student in that class had a vision of having a Bible school in their church for quite a long time. I learnt from Olexander Bordey (Pastoral Leadership student) that he and his pastor Anatoly Plukchi in Khust city, Transcarpathian region, both desire to educate their people and seek a convenient way of doing so.”

Soon after that conversation, Volodymyr Nikolaev visited First Baptist Church in Khust city. He met with church leadership to discuss issues related to opening the Bible school at their church. First classes took place at the end of September 2017. The second study session was held on December 15-17, 2017. 

The Bible school has about 20 students now. Most of them are lay members with strong desire to study the Bible and learn more in order to begin serving effectively in their churches. Members of two local churches in Khust city are students at this new Bible school. 

“Seminary students who had strong desire and determination to open the Bible school in their church must be credited for realizing that vision for the school in their church,” – says Volodymyr Nikolaev.

Olexander Bordey serves as administrator at the school. He motivates, organizes the academic process. Olexander and another KTS alumnus, Vasyl Vainraukh, will teach in the school as well. They will co-teach during next session in February 2018. They will be helping other believers to study the Word of God and grow spiritually. They will pass on to others what they learnt during their studies in Kyiv Theological Seminary.