Program Director

Greetings brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We are living in one of the most difficult and hopeful times in history. I believe that more than anything else we need to hear God’s Words. And so at Kyiv Seminary in the Biblical Studies program we devote ourselves to a close and careful study of the Word of God. As believers we have no other message, on other hope. God has spoken. Our land needs believers who read and study their Bibles carefully and who have a burden to share with others the light and wisdom of the Scriptures.

In our program we study the Bible in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek so you can understand the Scriptures beyond the translation. Whenever God revived his church and changed history, he gave his people the desire to return to the Scriptures. Come join us in the Biblical Studies program!

Mark McDonnel,
Director of Biblical Studies Program

About Program

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Biblical Studies major at Kyiv Theological Seminary is to educate and train students to effectively understand and communicate the Word of God in schools and churches.

Vision Statement:
The vision of the program is to see evangelical schools and churches in Ukraine and Eurasia staffed with full-time teachers and pastors who are communicating their love for the Lord and his Word, who are training others to love and obey him, and who are fulfilling the Great Commission in their regions.


  1. Equip students with a comprehensive theological education with an emphasis on theological and biblical studies.
  2. Inspire in students a vision and love for understanding and communicating the truths of Scripture.
  3. Expose students to relevant theological and hermeneutical systems in order to expand their own understanding of Scripture.
  4. Train students to do rigorous and effective theological and biblical exegesis.
  5. Prepare students for work in schools or churches as teachers through teaching on practical issues and through practical experience.

Core Values:

  1. We value the study of the Bible in the original languages (Nehemiah 8:8).
  2. We value the need for teachers and sound biblical teaching in schools and churches (Ephesians 4:11-12).
  3. We value a high standard of scholarship in order to both study and communicate orally and in writing in a clear and professional manner.
  4. We value practical experience as essential to the development of a gifted teacher.
  5. We value teaching as a vital part of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:20).



The curriculum of the Biblical Studies major is composed of biblical, theological, and practical aspects, designed to prepare the student for sound biblical research and effective ministry as a communicator of biblical truth. The program seeks to create a balance between biblical research and effective ministry and discipleship skills in a local church setting.

Major Courses:
BS 101 Introduction to Biblical Studies 
BE 141 Exposition of Matthew 
BS 201 Biblical History and Culture 
BE 120 Exposition of Psalms 
BE 371 Exposition of Daniel and Revelation 
BE 302 Exposition of Genesis 
BS 202 Biblical Theology
BE 269 Exposition of the 1 Corinthians 
BE 244 Exposition of John 
BE 259 Exposition of Hebrews 
BS 402 The Bible and the Modern World 

Optional biblical languages courses: 
NT 205 Greek 1 
NT 206 Greek 2
OT 201 Beginning Hebrew 1 
OT 202 Old Testament Survey 2 

Core Courses:
GS 101 Orientation 
BE 101 Hermeneutics 
GS 102 Grammar 
OT 101 Old Testament Survey 1 
OT 102 Old Testament Survey 2 
GS 115 Critical Thinking & Writing 1 
NT 201 New Testament Survey 1 
NT 202 New Testament Survey 2
PT 204 Homiletics 1 (for men)
GS 301 Public Speaking (for women)
TH 201 Theology 1 – Introduction, Revelation and the Nature of God
TH 202 Theology 2 – Man and Sin; Angels 
TH 301 Theology 3 – The person and work of Christ in salvation 
PT 304 Homiletics 2 (for men)
PT 306 Spiritual Leadership (for women)
CH 301 Church History 1
CH 302 Church History 2 
TH 302 Theology 4 – The Spirit and the Church, Last Things 
WM 410 World Mission and the Church
BE 146 Exposition of Romans 
PT 302 Biblical Counseling 
PT 402 Christian Theology and Spiritual Life
PT 401 Ethics