Vacation Bible School was hosted at Rivnya Baptist Church, Verkhovyna area, Ivano-Frankivsk region from June 18 through 24. The theme of this outreach program was set as a question: “Who is authority for you?”

Students and graduates of Kyiv Theological Seminary who served on the VBS team: Petro Filipchuk, Marina Popova, Viktoria Dyagel and Andriy Fedyanin. They all are graduates of Christian Education program at KTS.

Viktoria also received her MA in Biblical Counseling from KTS, and Marina is second year student in this graduate program. Petro Filipchuk serves as deacon in Rivnya Baptist Church which was hosting this camp on its premises. 

While local weather forecast for the week of camp was rains, organizers set their trust in God, praying for his providence to take care of it. “It turned out perfectly! Almost daily, it was raining in the evening after the program when the day was over and kids were dismissed. Just once it was raining the whole day, but it did not stop us!” – tells Marina. 

This year 65 children from Rivnya village and other surrounding villages attended the camp. Every day of VBS children enjoyed music, sports, Bible classes, drama, crafts, games and many other activities. Children were encouraged to look to Christ and be like him – the motto of the camp.