Brother Olexander Savchenko, a graduate of KTS, was ordained for deacon ministry on December 10, 2017. The ordination ceremony took place in Revival Church, Fastiv city, which is located in 60 km (37 miles), southwest from Kyiv. Pastor Mykola Ponomaryov (Kyiv) and Pastor Igor Bugayov (Fastiv) led the ceremony. 

During the ceremony, a deacon of that church shared a testimony of grace about brother Olexander.  He and Olexander used to go to the same high school. During his high school days, Olexander had a reputation of a bully and was known by his nickname Compadre. Students backed off each time he stepped out of the classroom to the hallway. They did not want to mess with the bully. When Christ touched Olexander's heart, he became a new person. Now he was willing to put his life on the line for others. Now he was willing to serve to the needs of others in the name of Christ. And the needs are many. 

It is important to note that Revival church grew out of a rehabilitation ministry for women, suffering from substance abuse. The ministry expanded and by God's grace the church runs two rehab centers for men and one rehab center for women. Many people seeking recovery in the centers encountered God's love and later became active ministers of the church. 

Olexander's spiritual journey led him to Kyiv Theological Seminary, where he majored in pastoral ministry. The seminary equipped him with knowledge and practical experience needed for serving on God's harvest. Olexander is married to Tatyana, they grow two wonderful children. Such are the works of God's marvelous grace.

Andy Rist, director of the Pastoral Leadership program at KTS, and Andriy Zalischuk assistant director of the program attended the ceremony where they had an opportunity to greet and bless Olexander and his wife Tatyana. There they shared the joy of the church community and prayed together with the church for God's blessings on Olexander and Tatyana.